Sunday, July 31, 2011

Got Rejected , And It Hurts .

For the first time you rejected me from going out with her . You said that you wanted to spent some time with your friends , what am I suppose to say about that ? I can't force you to let me go . Feel like crying right now . Feel like asking you a question , what if I don't want you to go out somewhere together with me , how would you feel ?

You don't want me to go because you are scare that you might get jealous on that day , right ? For God's sake , I will just play with you , 1 on 1 and team . I didn't know that we going out having fun will still have jealousy . Seriously , I forgotten about your friends going together as well . Both , you and me , had fun last Tuesday , there are girls going together as well , and I'm the only boy there , you didn't get jealous . But why now ? I thought going out together was about having fun , not jealousy . Guess I mistaken . FYI , I didn't get jealous even if you play with Branden .

I really wanted to go out with you badly , why can't you let me do so ? Is it wrong if I follow you around in school ? Does it bothers you ? If it does then just say it . I only follow you everywhere you go because i want more time with you . Every time I came to see you or play with you during school , she are always with guys , and sometimes in pairs too ! Do you know how much that hurt me ? I will always say this , "Why other guys get to walk with you in pairs in school and I end up being left alone because your friends pull you away ?" That's why you normally see me looking away when you were around with another guy .

The pass 3 days , I felt like I was living alone . Going out to watch 3 movies in 3 different shopping complex . I see more couples than individuals . I almost cry because I felt that there wont be a day for us to be like that . In cinemas , I will normally end up sitting beside a couple . I saw them hold hands , I saw them hugging each other . I would want that now . But you would never give it to me . I'm not worth it right ? I'm not caring at all . I love you , even if you still don't believe in that . I really want to spent time with you , watching movies , holding hands while finding clothes to buy for you , having a candle light dinner , going out with you . I want us to be like other couple in those shopping complexes . Would you ? I want to go out tomorrow not because of playing with another girl , is because I want you now . I just went through 3 of my hardest day of my life . *sigh* I hope you understand . I need you by my side , to hug you when you feel lonely , to pick you up when you fall , she kiss you when you need it , you hold you when you are scare , to cheer you up when you are sad , to lend you a shoulder to cry on , to carry you when you are tired , and to protect you with any kind of threats . I love you ! hope enjoy tomorrow then .

Regards ,